ISS has partnered with All Clear Systems to modernize your manual open and closing procedures. According to the Bank Protection Act, you are responsible to ensure your employees’ safety. This technology dramatically increases employee safety, reduces risk & liability, and serves as a detailed audit for all employees.

Benefits include:

  • Employee Safety
  • Reduces Risk Liability
  • Real-time Detailed Audit
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Reduce False Alarms
  • Streamlines FTE

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All Clear System began with this true story …

In 2003, the COO of a six-branch bank in Southwest VA received the call that all bank managers dread — one of his branches had been struck by a morning glory robbery.

After hurrying to the scene, he met with his five shaken employees.  All of them had been zip-tied and forced at gunpoint to hand over $250,000 during the ordeal.

None of the hostages had been seriously hurt.  And as is often the case in these circumstances, they all expressed regret and felt they had let the bank down.  Later, one employee retired early, and two more filed workers compensation suits.

The COO knew at the time that the bank should have done more to ensure safety of those five valued employees, and the guilt he felt made a lasting impact.  That COO was Kevin Mullins, who was inspired by the incident to create All Clear System.

Kevin knew that there was no existing industry technology to safeguard bank employees and assets during the opening and closing process. Then and now, banks depend on antiquated systems prone to human error and easy for would-be robbers to figure out.

Kevin partnered with his co-founder, Gary McConnell, to help make the All Clear System a reality.  Today, it’s the first technology-based secure alert system.  It brings your institution’s safety procedures into the 21st century, and protects your most valuable asset — your employees.