Teller Cash Recycling

Drive frontline efficiency and fast, secure cash processing into branch operations

Our automated teller note recycling solution automatically speeds cash transaction times, makes accurate deposits and stores cash for a more efficient, streamlined operation.

Reduce operating and staff costs

Save time on manual counting, verification, and trips back and forth to the main vault. Banknotes are processed securely and efficiently, eliminating cash handling errors and reducing the risk of theft and robbery.

Increase revenue and cash flow

The amount of cash-on-hand and excess cash inventories are reduced for a better operating cash flow.

Deliver a superior customer experience

Automated cash recycling frees up tellers to spend more time engaging customers and building stronger relationships, leading to higher referral rates and added cross-selling revenue.

Reliable, high-performing note processing

Tellers can store and recycle up to 17,000 notes of different denominations into five cassettes. Flexible usage of the cassette-based intelligent technology provides an optional escrow function and allows banks and credit unions to customize the system according to individual branch needs.

Maximum security

Notes are verified, accepted, instantly counted, and housed in a UL-291 rated safe. For added security, the teller cash recycling solution detects and rejects counterfeit notes back to the teller for evaluation.

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